The listing platform empowering the world’s best commercial real estate professionals.

We believe the deal is the most important piece of every commercial broker’s workload.
That’s why we are dedicated to help freeing up your time to pursue the deal instead of wasting your time on listing your property’s information.

With translators in the world’s most popular languages, the Offlist platform gives you everything you need to list your commercial real estate without losing time in sharing it in multiple languages.

Offlist is a fully distributed company with employees in several countries around the world.
Together, we’re on a mission to help ease your daily commercial real estate workload.


Customer First

We view the world through our customers’ eyes first, before we respond.


We work hard to earn our clients' trust us with their most valuable properties.


Learning from our mistakes is what we cherish. So we don't repeat them.

Smart Priorities

We quickly move to create value for our clients, the community and our world.

Join our team and change the way commercial real estate is understood.


Who says you need to move to work at a great company? Not us. We know there’s great talent all over the place and we are a completely distributed company. Do great work from an environment that you’re comfortable in.


We are a self funded startup with a bootstrap mentality, and we really value our talented team. What’s that mean for you? Highly competitive salaries PLUS great options packages that get you in early on what is going to be a bright future.


We’ve got awesome medical insurance with broad personal coverage, plus offer free gym memberships to help you stay vibrant and full of youthful vigor. Love your work but don’t neglect yourself in the process!


Learning is a lifestyle. We want you to have every opportunity to stay fresh and up to date on the trends in our industry. Generous equipment allowances and education budgets for everyone!

Get In Touch

We’re here for you, and can’t wait to chat.

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